Distinguished Medical and Law Professionals,

Medical law is a developing, dynamic branch of science, it is of the essence to find solutions to the legal problems which arise with the development in medicine at the same rate. For this reason, scientists and practitioners should elucidate and discuss the current issues at the congress, symposium and panels in order to contribute to the resolution of legal disputes and to the regulations of the legislatures.

As Istanbul Medeniyet University, which has been publishing the first and only Medical Law Journal in Turkey for 7 years and organising the Turkish German Medical Law Symposium every year, we would like to invite everyone who is interested in International Medical Law Congress held every two years.

Our first congress was held on September 02-05, 2015 in Bodrum, named as ‘National Medical Law Congress with International Participation (Case Discussion)’ and communiqués were published. The second congress was held on September 20-24, 2017 in Antalya, named as ‘II. International Medical Law Congress’ and subsequently the congress book was published.

Our third congress will be held on October 09-12, 2019 in Antalya by the Medical Law Research Unit of Istanbul Medeniyet University, which is ‘III. International Medical Law Congress’. In our congress, we invite physicians, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, academic members and lecturers, other healthcare professionals and teaching assistants and students in the relevant field to present papers and to participate in our congress. In addition to the main and secondary topics of the congress, presentations can be made on any topic or subject which may have contribution in terms of both practice and theory. During the Congress, there will also be questions and answers sessions and courses running alongside the main programme.

With all respect to those who set their hearts on and are interested in medical and health law, we hope to see you in Antalya.

Congress Presidents
Prof. Dr. M. Refik Korkusuz                                                   Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hakan Hakeri